Thumb Butte - Prescott AZPrescott has been named by several publications as one of the best areas in which to retire, to open a new business, and to raise a family.  Our diverse community offers education, employment, culture, and outdoor activities, to name a few, to its residents.  Museums, art galleries, entertainment and golf courses are abundant.   Prescott boasts several colleges, public schools K-12, and a wide choice of private schools.  

The natural beauty in Prescott is unique in its combination of pondersoa pines, high desert, and granite boulders.   Five lakes in various terrain offer opportunities for fishing, boating and hiking. 

At an eleveation of 5000+/- feet, Prescott enjoys a diverse, mild four-season climate. We also enjoy active weather patterns that bring us a variety of weather conditions, including spectacular monsoon thunderstorms and the occasional heavy snowfall. 

The charm of downtown Prescott is unsurpassed.  Tourists and locals can enjoy relaxing around the Courthouse Plaza, dining in a variety of restaurants, or shopping in the many unique stores.  Western culture has been preserved and is evident in many museums, restaurants and stores.  When you feel the need for the big city lights, Phoenix is just about a 90 minute drive which is just close enough to make for an easy day trip.

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